Find the right pitch – you too can be pitch perfect

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How to play?

Anyone can learn how to be pitch perfect and master relative pitch with this new app.
You just swipe the screen up or down to find the right pitch, on this easy to use interface.
From budding karaoke singers to professional wind instrument players and conductors, this app is loved by all.

Hello everyone.
I recently began learning the contrabass, but was soon to be disappointed on learning how bad my sense of pitch was.
I knew I had to find some way to master pitch, and so I created this app.
Thanks to this app, I have finally grasped the concept of high and low pitch.
It seems that in my case, I hear things at a higher pitch than they actually are.
By listening to the last note on the piano very carefully, I am now able to correct my pitch with greater ease.

For game instructions please see the screen shots.
You will pick up the techniques as you play the game.
There is no need for the note to be continuous. You can stop touching the screen as soon as you have the correct pitch and before the timer runs out. If you are confident you have found the right pitch before the timer runs out, press the GO button to progress to the next level quicker.
Swiping quickly will result in a bigger change in pitch. For smaller changes, swipe slowly.
The piano reference tone is A=442Hz.

And now, I’d like to wish you all fun in your musical lives!

Tune Upで音痴を直す - 楽しく絶対音感を身につけよう
Find the right pitch – you too can be pitch perfect
Developer:Toshihiko Arai
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